Nathan is a performer, writer and Honours graduate of University of Wollongong. As a student at UOW he founded the live art festival Nothing To See Here, now in its eighth year. As a science-theatre practitioner Nathan has developed The Mayfly Project, a performance about time and sustainability, presented for Crack Theatre Festival, You Are Here and Bondi Feast. He developed Hectoring Apocolyptica, an interactive performance lecture about water scarcity for Underbelly Arts Festival. Nathan is a broadcaster on FBi Radio and a host of the podcast Hottest 100s and 1000s.

A founding member of Sydney-based performance collective Applespiel, Nathan has developed and performed the following:

Jarrod Duffy Is Not Dead (Merrigong Theatre Company), Applespiel Make A Band And Take On The Recording Industry (Performance Space, Malthouse Theatre), Sexy New Urban Design Team (Sydney Festival, Tiny Stadiums Festival, You Are Here Festival, Festival of Unpopular Culture, Verge Festival), At the Request of Carl Sagan (Next Wave), Snail Piece (Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Underbelly Arts Festival, Peats Ridge), Executive Stress/ Corporate Retreat (Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Tiny Stadiums Festival, Adelaide Fringe), Applespiel’s Morning Breakfast Commercial Radio Show (Crack Theatre Festival, You Are Here Festival),  Don’t Call Us We’ll Call You (Late Night Libraries), Awful Literature is Still Literature, I Guess (Underbelly Arts Festival), Appleloft (Sydney Fringe) and Applespiel are Actors and You Can Be Too Maybe (Performance Space).

As an associate artist of Boho Interactive he has developed Best Festival Ever, an interactive theatre performance based on systems science. Best Festival Ever was devloped alongside scientists from UCL’s Environment Institute and the Stockholm Resilience Centre. It has been performed at the London Science Museum, Battersea Arts Centre and Stockholm Resilience Centre. With Boho Nathan is currently developing Democratic Nature, an interactive show to be used by an NGO as an education and governance tool.